Tips and Tricks

How should skis fit?

if you’re a very good skier, you would fit your skis to about head height.
If you’re a regular skier, you would fit your skis to about MID FACE OR to the tip of your nose.
If you’re a new skier, you would fit your skis to about chin level

how should snowboards fit?

all beginners should be shoulder height or lower!
intermediates should be chin height.
by the time you are advanced you should know what you like to do most...
riding advanced park you want to fit shorter... (shoulder to chin)
Cruising you want to fit longer (Chin to nose)... also look in to alpine boards for cruising or skinnier boards
all mountain riding you want to fit around chin area
back country powder is taller (nose area) also fatter boards are great for this

  • Ski tips: The warmest set up to keep your toes happy is a inner "wicky" type sock (nylon, panty hose, etc.) on the inside and a cotton or wool mix on the outside. The inner sock will wick the sweat away from your feet keeping them dry and you warm!
  • Did you know? "Camber" is what gives you the pop in your skis it gives you more precise turns "Reverse-Camber" (Rocker) is easier to turn and catches less edges.




  • Learn proper form: Pole planting is used once you have gotten into parrellel skiing it can help with turn timing

Lesson Price list

We have a surcharge depending on the resort, Prices are a 1-time daily charge, we do not charge per person, but recommend no more than 3 people per instructor
-Half Day lesson
Level 1=150
Level 2=200
Level 3=250
-Full day lesson
Level 1=250
Level 2=350
Level 3=450