Level 1:


  • Ski or snowboard instructor with 1-3+ years of teaching experience
  • Basic 10 step program for beginners!
  • Guarenteed lowest price in the industry!

Level 3:

Beginners, Intermediates, or Advanced


Ride with the experts in the industry!

If you're ever wondering which level you should go with, you cant go wrong with a level 3, they know the in's and outs of everything there is to know in the industry.

  • Advanced knowledge and skills of skiing or snowboarding
  • Advanced Equipment and Product knowledge
    • PSIA Certified
    • Personal instruction from a member of the US Ski Team
  • Training in communication
  • CPR certified

    Our level 3 instructors have been doing this a long time and know a lot of the secrets of the mountain, uncharted areas at certain resorts or even knowing what time of the day different parts of the resorts are busy. No one is better for helping your form or technique.


    We love to share our passion, knowledge and secrets of the industry!

    Ski Tip!

    Skiing and snowboarding boots are both designed around one concept, to hold your heel down! If you have a boot with some slip in the heel you may be working 3 times harder than you need to.

    Level 2:

    Beginners & Intermediates


    Level 2:

  • Ski or snowboard instructor with 3-5+ years of teaching experience
  • Instructor with advanced skills and some equipment knowlage
  • Knows all of the beginner and intermediate runs on mountain
  • PSIA Certified

    For those looking to train up to the intermediate level. Level 2 instructors know there way around the beginner and intermediate courses to help you feel more comfortable on the steaper slopes.